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Our global partner locations provide IaaS services to clients across the same cloud ecosystem. Increase possibilities with the opportunity to easily reach new customers in jurisdictions around the world.

Global Cloud Partnership
Global Cloud Partnership
Servecentric Enterprise Cloud is a privately owned Irish Cloud Platform. Our partnership with CloudSigma allows us to join an exclusive global network of public cloud providers. Our cloud customers can easily deploy resources at these partner locations, enjoying the same excellent performance & usability across multiple regions. Below is a list of our current partner node locations. 
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North America

Washington DC, USA

San Jose, USA

Honolulu, USA


Dublin, Ireland

Frankfurt, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

Warsaw, Poland

Geneva, Switzerland

Boden, Sweden

London, United Kingdom

Middle East & APAC

Manila, Philippines (2)

Clark, Philippines

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Perth, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

Cairo, Egypt

Mexico City, Mexico


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