Rapidly provision VMs in under 30 seconds

Choose from Standard or Optimised template VMs and customise your instances from there. 


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions relating to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud.

However if you have any others, please feel free to contact us directly with your technical or commercial queries and we’ll be glad to help.

What Operating Systems can I run on Servecentric Enterprise Cloud VMs?

Servecentric Enterprise Cloud is a highly flexible, OS independent solution that supports pretty much all Windows & Linux environments and versions. We provide our customers with a large OS & Application template library – with both pre-installed drives and ISOs.

What is the relationship between CloudSigma and Servecentric? Who am I dealing with?

Servecentric is an established Data Centre services organisation based in Dublin. Servecentric owns Servecentric Enterprise Cloud and provides the Data Centre facility, infrastructure, network, hybrid connects and managed services. Cloudsigma develops and supports both cloud platform software and user interface applications. Cloudsigma also provides 24 x 7 chat and email support services for both Servecentric and our end users.

How can I access my virtual machines?

You can establish a remote connection to any of your VMs using our native VNC viewer within the portal. Alternatively, let us assist you with configuring secure access solutions such as secure RDP or Putty to your OS installations within your environment.

Why would I choose your cloud instead of hyperscale offerings?

At Servecentric, we believe that clients should use the most suitable services for their workloads, whether that be privately owned hardware, hyperscale public cloud offerings or Servecentric Enterprise Cloud. While hyperscale may offer perceived advantages relating to scale and PaaS services, our cloud is different in a number of ways including:

  • simplicity of use
  • improved support (chat service with average response of < 30 seconds) 
  • hybrid (1Gb or 10Gb in the facility)
  • higher performance / € for most instance sizes and
  • reduced concerns around legal concerns such as ‘Cloud Act’.

Can I copy or clone an existing server to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud?

Any x86 Operating System or application can run in our cloud, unmodified. Using our seamless Live Migration tools, move servers from both physical & virtual environments to the cloud without any modifications to your existing infrastructure.

How do I choose the appropriate resources for my new VM?

With Servecentric Enterprise Cloud, you create the exact combination of CPU, RAM and Storage you require. Unlike many public cloud services, resources are not bundled, and there are no standard server sizes. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

You mention hybrid as a key benefit. What is the difference in Servecentric’s Hybrid offering?

For clients based in our Dublin Data Centre, we can provide 1Gb or 10Gb links between their infrastructure and Servecentric Enterprise Cloud. This provides a number of benefits including ultra-low latency connectivity, significant cost savings on port allocation, elimination of expensive direct carrier telecom services, and exclusion of egress charges incurred with other services.

What size VM can I run in my environment?

We can provide up to 40 vCPU cores and 128GB RAM per server, and provide significant flexibility on storage with high performance SSD and high-capacity HDD storage options.

What if I don’t want to stay with Servecentric Enterprise Cloud. How easy is it to exit?

We believe that cloud services should be easy to consume and VMs should be simple to migrate, both into and out of the cloud. This is often not the case, but with our KVM hypervisor, migration to and from our service is equally easy.

Can I access my cloud resources over an API?

Absolutely! Our powerful API is available to allow our customers to access their resources for real-time integration. It’s got 100% feature coverage, and is easy to use.

What are my purchasing options?

Servecentric Enterprise Cloud can be purchased directly by credit card transaction, through minimum purchase agreement or in arrears on account with Servecentric for contract clients. Billing options include burst “per 5 minute”, monthly, annual and 3 year commitments.


Rapidly provision VMs in under 30 seconds

Choose from Standard or Optimised template VMs and customise your instances from there. 


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