Vyta helps Servecentric save 13 tonnes of CO2e through IT refurbishment

- In the last two years, Vyta has reused or recycled 2,222 items for Servecentric, saving them from going to landfill

- Servecentric required sustainable IT retirement and data destruction services as more businesses move to cloud-based solutions

- Servecentric’s partnership with Vyta highlights the data centre industry’s push to become more sustainable

- By refurbishing and reselling IT equipment for Servecentric through Vyta’s extensive network of sales channels, Vyta was able to return €77,000 in revenues to Servecentric since 2021

- Ensuring secure and efficient data handling guarantees Servecentric is GDPR-compliant

DUBLIN, Belfast, 28th September 2023 – Vyta Group, Ireland’s leading secure IT recycling company, today announces that it has enabled Servecentric, a Dublin-based cloud, data centre and connectivity services provider, to save 13 tonnes (13,000kg) of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) with its secure IT recycling and refurbishment services. The partnership enabled Vyta to return €77,000 in revenues to Servecentric.

Vyta collects, refurbishes, recycles, and resells retired IT equipment while ensuring that any data contained is destroyed in a compliant and sustainable manner. This approach safeguards businesses from data breaches while also supporting the circular economy. As businesses aim to achieve rigorous sustainability goals, there has been a marked rise in the demand for Vyta's services.

The deal with Servecentric, a secure and resilient colocation and IT services provider for businesses in the US, UK, India and Ireland, represents a growing focus on sustainability from the data centre industry. Many of Servecentric's clients have undertaken significant hardware refresh projects to improve efficiency. This, along with some cloud migration projects, has created the need for secure disposal of outdated hardware and sensitive hard disks. Servecentric also sought secure data destruction for its own IT equipment, a need magnified by the escalating frequency of cyberattacks worldwide.

In the last year, Vyta collected, processed and reused or recycled 2,222 devices for Servecentric as a part of its IT retirement service. Devices that Vyta processed included servers, network units, and mixed WEEE (Waste electric and electronic equipment). Vyta refurbished a total of 205 items for Servecentric and resold them through Vyta’s extensive network of sales channels, therefore enabling Vyta to return revenues to Servecentric. The CO2e savings enabled through the refurbishment of Servecentric’s retired IT equipment represent the annual carbon dioxide absorption equivalent of 619 mature trees.

By recycling the remainder of the equipment, Vyta has helped Servecentric to keep all of these items out of landfill. Vyta has a zero-landfill policy and ensures that 100% of disposals are handled in an environmentally responsible way. Meanwhile, Vyta’s industry-leading stringent data wiping procedures ensure that Servecentric is compliant with all the latest data regulations, including GDPR.

Vyta's industry reputation for secure data destruction and compliance played a significant role in Servecentric’s decision to choose the company as its IT asset disposal (ITAD) partner. This was bolstered by Vyta's significant presence across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, along with its experience in serving US-headquartered enterprises.

Faye Thomas, CCO, Vyta, said: “Amidst mounting concerns over climate change and ever-increasing focus on sustainability , we are all actively exploring avenues to reduce our carbon footprints. At Vyta, our focus resides in helping companies meet their carbon reduction targets through the responsible and secure disposal of IT equipment.

“Servecentric is a trailblazer in the data centre industry and is committed to supporting the circular economy, all while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of data security. Through this partnership, Servecentric has helped to reduce the CO2 emissions involved in the destruction of old IT equipment and the manufacturing of new replacements, while also yielding substantial financial returns through the resale of the refurbished equipment. We are delighted to collaborate with such a forward-thinking business and look forward to our continued partnership in supporting the circular economy."

Brian Roe, CEO, Servecentric, said: “Data centres are on a path to become more sustainable, and one of the avenues we are pursuing is the recycling and refurbishment of outdated IT equipment, a task led by companies like Vyta. Through Vyta's efforts, not only are carbon emissions saved via device refurbishment, but also the assurance of data security shields us from the threats of cyber-attacks.

“The frequency of cyberattacks has now reached unprecedented levels, underscoring the importance of robust data protection and cybersecurity for any organisation. This extends to ensuring the safe and secure destruction of IT equipment. At Servecentric, we are driven by a passion for excellence and a deep-rooted commitment to cybersecurity and data protection. By joining forces with Vyta, we have strengthened our commitment to data security and compliance, providing peace of mind for both our clients and us as a business.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vyta. The team always responds promptly and efficiently to address any of our concerns or needs, going above and beyond to provide exceptional service.

About Vyta Vyta is an IT asset disposal (ITAD) company, helping organisations to manage the secure retirement of their end-of-life IT equipment. Established in 2001, it has grown to be a world leader in the sustainable, compliant, and secure management of the IT lifecycle. Vyta leads based on its ability to support a sustainable, circular economy while minimising the risk of data leaks from retired equipment. It also provides exceptional customer service and the ability to generate new revenue streams for customers following the refurbishment and resale of data-sanitised devices. Vyta’s security-conscious public and private sector customers include central and local government agencies, as well as 25% of Ireland’s top 200 ICT user companies. www.vyta.com

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