Servecentric to reach €5M in turnover in 2023 after doubling its cloud capacity

Servecentric to reach €5M in turnover in 2023 after doubling its cloud capacity 

  • Company has invested over €100K in the last year on increased compute capacity and HPE enterprise class hardware 

  • This will help to meet increasing demand for cloud and colocation services 

  • Additional team resources within Servecentric and cloud partner Cloudsigma have also been allocated 

  • Increased cloud capacity is enabling provider to deliver new services for customers 

  • Business is aiming to grow its customer base and double its cloud business again by end of 2024 

Dublin, 10 August 2023 – Servecentric today announces that it is on track to reach €5 million in turnover by the end of 2023 after doubling its cloud capacity. Making a significant contribution to this increase in turnover is Servcecentric’s cloud business which looks set to grow 300% since 2021. 

The cloud, data centre and connectivity services provider has invested over €100,000 in the last year on increased compute capacity and HPE enterprise class hardware to meet the increasing demand for its cloud and colocation services – with further investment planned in 2023. 

As well as this investment and allocating its own additional resources, Servecentric’s cloud partner Cloudsigma are also increasing operations staff by 50% to meet cloud requirements across the global network.  

Servecentric’s expanded cloud capacity and capability means it can strengthen its portfolio for customers, including scalable data compute resources and storage options. It has also enabled the company to develop and deliver a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which offers developers ready to go platforms and compliments the existing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution.  

Moreover, Servecentric will soon be able to provide single sign on for over 16 geographic locations for customers, which will also benefit from increased redundancy and resilience across the cloud platform as a result of the investment and expansion.  

Servecentric expects its increasing cloud capacity to further grow its customer base over the coming months, with a particular focus on Managed Service Providers, mid-sized software companies, startups and growing technology companies. In terms of existing clients in the area of cloud, it currently works with a wide range of organisations such as Dmac Media, Procuro, Profitsflow, CupPrint and Infinite Technology.  

To further meet the growing demand for cloud and colocation services among its increasing customer base, Servecentric has applied for planning for a new data centre facility which will significantly increase the company’s workforce, including its engineering team. The organisation is also developing a number of strategic partnerships to provide full cloud infrastructure services, including managed IT and security providers. 

Brian Roe, CEO, Servecentric, said: “The demand for cloud is rising and will continue to do so over the coming years. To meet this need, and to enable us to realise our aim of doubling our cloud business again between now and the end of 2024, we made the decision to enhance our cloud capacity and allocate more resources to deliver the best customer experience.   

“From established organisations that are struggling with the cost and complexity of hyperscale cloud to startups that need support with infrastructure architecture, we are seeing increasing demand for our services across a number of areas.  

“Clients are looking for more support, better performance and greater scalability when it comes to cloud infrastructure and services. Our latest and ongoing investment in and expansion of our cloud capacity helps to ensure we provide unrivalled integrated cloud, colocation and connectivity services. In turn, this positions us to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve their objectives.” 


About Servecentric 

Servecentric is a privately Irish owned Cloud, Connectivity and Data Centre Services provider headquartered in a Tier III Data Centre facility in Dublin. As an independent operator, the company employs a true client-first philosophy and displays unrivalled agility and flexibility in their approach to project delivery for a wide range of client types.  


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