Irish Tech News migrates to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud


Irish Tech News is a multi-award-winning online publication that focusses on providing latest news and features in the technology sector. The company provides up to date news and analysis from the global stage but concentrates primarily on local Irish news stories and developments.

The organisation has a talented set of contributors and writers that cover a wide range of fields in the technology sector. It also features a ‘Business Showcase’ section which aims to promote local businesses and start-ups in the technology sector.

The organisation has won a “Best Science and Technology” website at the Web Awards, Silver and Gold awards at the Blog Awards and is the number one ranked Technology News site in Ireland according to the latest Alexa rankings.


Irish Tech News has a fast-growing readership profile with over 700,000 monthly visits in 2019. Additionally, the organisation had a requirement to produce and expose more rich media content including vlog contributions and podcasts. Engagement around significant news stories also tends to produce spikes in traffic and the organisation must be able to deliver content in a timely manner, no matter what that traffic and engagement looks like.

Maintaining a functional and performant back-end for content management along with a high-performance front end became more challenging with existing hosting arrangements. The company required a highly available, rapidly scalable self-service public cloud solution that would enable the company’s contributors and end-users to produce and consume content seamlessly.

”As our readership profile was growing rapidly, we found our legacy systems were not able to cope with day to day use and the effect this would have on end-user engagement was unacceptable to us. We needed a solution that was performant at all times and could quickly scale as we grew.


At the beginning of 2019, Irish Tech News undertook a project to migrate all backend management and front-end delivery services to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud (powered by Cloudsigma). All the company’s data and applications are now operated from the public cloud platform.

The self-service public cloud platform delivers the reliability, scalability and agility to meet the company’s requirement while delivering the necessary performance to satisfy a global base of service users.

Finally, Irish Tech News can be confident in the knowledge that their systems are operational at all times as Servecentric supports the environment through the provision of a set of managed services provided by onsite 24 x 7 x 365 support team.

"Performance, reliability and scalability were core to our decision to move to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud for hosting our data and applications. But Servecentric really differentiated themselves with their migration team’s professional approach to delivering the project with minimum disruption.


When Irish Tech News’ platform was migrated, the company immediately began to experience the expected benefits of increased application performance, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

In addition, the solution has resulted in real operational cost savings. The company can now produce cutting edge content in multiple formats without concerns relating to the end-user experience.

”Irish Tech News is an extremely busy organisation as we need to be creating interesting, pertinent and up to date content at all times. Although we work in the technical space, our internal resources simply do not have the time to deal with IT related issues and Servecentric have facilitated this

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