Dmac Media migrates hosting services to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud

Company profile
Headquartered in Sligo with offices in Dublin & Cork, Dmac Media are one of Ireland’s fastest growing Digital Agencies. The company provides a range of ecommerce and web design services along with a number of digital marketing products including Website as a Service, Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads optimisation

The challenge
Born in the cloud, Dmac Media embraced hyperscale public cloud services including AWS and GCP from the outset. As the company and its portfolio expanded, they began to experience a number of challenges relating to their development and hosting platforms. In relation to finance, the company did not have cost certainty in monthly billings and as a result, were finding it difficult to successfully budget and price projects accordingly. Resources were also bundled and thus, did not offer the flexibility the organisation required.

Furthermore, a number of technical problems had been experienced on these platforms and the business felt that satisfactory support services were either unavailable or unintuitive, particularly when core performance or availability issues occurred.

The solution
Dmac Media began to look at alternative self-service public cloud platforms in 2020 that would address some of the problems that the company was experiencing. Key features that were required for the company were accessible support services, linear, transparent pricing and consistency of resource performance across all workloads.

The company researched and tested a number of alternative hosting platforms and following a comprehensive PoC period, selected Servecentric Enterprise Cloud IaaS to host all services and engaged in a migration programme for these workloads.

"We found that Servecentric Enterprise Cloud was a perfect fit for our business requirements. Our clients have high expectations from us and it is important that development, hosting and backend systems support this fully” Brian Kelly, Director, Dmac Media

The impact
Dmac Media immediately enjoyed a number of benefits as the company migrated services to Servecentric Enterprise Cloud. The company can now clearly budget and price hosting elements of their portfolio with cost certainty and without being concerned with performance band constraints. Additionally, the instant accessibility of off-the-shelf support has ensured swift resolution of any issues.

Another benefit has been that increased performance and low latency has had a downstream impact on client website performance, thus helping them with their search engine optimisation strategies.

“Dmac Media originally engaged with the self-service platform directly and we had no direct involvement in their selection process. They carried out their own due diligence and testing before onboarding and now have grown to become an important SEC user. We are so impressed with their work that we subsequently contacted them to help us with our own website redevelopment which has been a complete success for us.” Brian Roe, CEO, Servecentric

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