Data Centre adoption by Irish enterprises and SMEs on the increase

Although the Irish enterprise market has seen significant growth in public cloud consumption over the past number of years, utilisation of Data Centre hosting by the SME and Enterprise sectors has not been adopted in the same levels as other European countries. That is until now, according to Servecentric CEO, Brian Roe.

 “Our client portfolio has traditionally been concentrated towards telecommunications, multinational and IT services / software development sectors, but now we are seeing more momentum in the indigenous enterprise market.”  says Roe. 

It is difficult to fully determine why the Irish market has been slow to migrate core infrastructure from the head office, but top line cost is certainly a factor. Quite simply, if the CIO only considers cabinet colocation, connectivity and power costs, it can appear like the Data Centre is a less cost-effective option. However, the dual impacts of Covid and increased cybercrime risk have been a catalyst for change.

Enterprise decision makers are now starting to appreciate the benefits of the Data Centre model which include improved communications services and choice, 24 x 7 support, lower maintenance overheads (with improved environmental conditions) and greater flexibility for their workforce location. There are also some clear benefits relating to insurance, compliance and regulatory related overheads with the belt and braces security measures that come with purpose-built Data Centres.

Additionally, operating core IT services from the Data Centre can provide significantly improved cloud and hybrid cloud strategy opportunities for the organisation because of greater range of choice and resilience in connectivity services.

“A key driver for the momentum in the SME and enterprise spaces has been the need to establish independence from the head office – giving staff and management greater flexibility in a fast-changing rental market. But as IT and operations staff investigate things further, they are also appreciating that there is a whole set of security, compliance, connectivity, support and reliability benefits that they may not have initially considered as part of the picture”

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